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An unofficial podcast about the Wonka-verse from two people who didn't think they cared about Willy Wonka until they learned a prequel was being made and it rocked their world. You may think, how much is there to say about Wonka, the most forgettable and most memorable franchise? More than you would ever believe. Join us as we count down to the day of the Wonka Rapture, March 2023. 

Dec 15, 2021

Grab a weighted blanket and your favorite SSRI because we're about to dive into the bizarre, uncomfortable, nightmarish, and magical movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starry Johnny Depp, a.k.a. Johnny Wonka. Elaine and Felicia both have strong feelings about this 2005 adaptation. Will their friendship survive this episode? Who will cry first? And why is Timothée Chalamet's action figure trying to kill them in their sleep?

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00:00 PSA as we enter the 2005 Wonka Movie: Felicia and Elaine are friends. We love each other. No matter what arguments occur, or what words are shared, just know at the end of the day that we’re okay.

6:14 Wonka Watch: The digest is dry, my friends. Wonka is filming in Oxford. What to Watch site gave us our first (vague) official synopsis for Wonka.

8:59 Let’s dive into the chocolate river of Johnny Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

13:11 We start with some quick facts about the movie production and then discuss the opening credits where Harry Potter meets Soviet Russia.

18:20 Comparing production design between the two Wonka movies.

24:00 Wonka’s origin story leading up to where the factory is today.

28:21 The Golden Ticket search. We meet the kids and Charlie noms on some chocolate bars.

47:43 We enter the gates to Wonka’s factory and meet the socially awkward chocolatier, Johnny Wonka.

1:03:44 The Wonka Well is back. Watch out, Timmy.

1:04:00 Prequel Predictions. Felicia: Wonka will have a dog? Someone in the Wonka movie will say, “Yippee!” ColourPop will make a Wonka eyeshadow palette. Elaine: Breyer’s ice cream will come out with some Wonka flavors.

Next week, we’ll cover the second half of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!