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An unofficial podcast about the Wonka-verse from two people who didn't think they cared about Willy Wonka until they learned a prequel was being made and it rocked their world. You may think, how much is there to say about Wonka, the most forgettable and most memorable franchise? More than you would ever believe. Join us as we count down to the day of the Wonka Rapture, March 2023. 

Dec 8, 2021

Sometimes you look back on your life and realize that you've grown into someone else. That along the way you learned new things about this world that changed your perspective.

Here at Wonka Watch, we realized we had changed. We had climbed a Fudge Mountain, turned around, and saw our reflection in the sugar-covered hills, 'til the Timothee Chalamet landslide brought us down into a deep well of despair and truth.

This episode is full of retractions, cringey high school videos, music theory, and seeds of hope for Wonka as we finally accept and support Mr. Chalamet as Young Willy Wonka.

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Cover Art by Reilly Branson:

Links Referenced (because even Wonka Scholars cite their sources):

Wonka Set Shut-down:

Goo Goo Clusters:

Tiny Horse:

Sweet Charity, Timothee's High School Musical:


Timmy T Freestyle (Watch At Own Risk):

Talent Show 1:

Talent Show 2:

Timothee Chalamet Flirting with Keke Palmer:

Robert Pattinson and Timothee Chalamet in the King:


00:37 A three act tragedy of an intro originally from an episode we decided to trash.

2:47 So, here's what happened to that episode you will never hear lmao.

7:39 Wonka Watch: Wonka filming DELAYED. Goo Goo Clusters is open after renovation!

15:15 We're going to review Timothee's discography, starting with his SNL performance of Tiny Horse.

19:40 A high school musical performance that's . . . good?

21:42 Lil Timmy-Tim's rap history. Let's start with the infamous Statistics video.

25:21 Free-style rap from Lil Timtimtimmy.

26:17 Timothee's school had talent shows and he went hard. Here's the first one.

28:24 Talent Show round two, what we call his "Super Bowl show."

32:13 Our Timothee Chalamet origin stories. How did we know him prior to Wonka?

43:40 Lil Timmy-Tim flirts with Keke Palmer.

48:49 Felicia tried to explain our podcast to someone with mixed results. We then enter a "Wonka Well."

54:11 We support you, Timothee Chalamet. We formally retract all uninformed takes.

54:46 Prequel Predictions. Felicia: Wonka will get tap shoes. Rusty Goffe (head Oompa-Loompa from 1971 movie) will get a cameo or somehow be involved in the movie. Elaine: Wonka will make a chocolate item that will have serious consequences and is the final straw, what makes him an outcast.

56:26 Up next: We review the Johnny Wonka movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.