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An unofficial podcast about the Wonka-verse from two people who didn't think they cared about Willy Wonka until they learned a prequel was being made and it rocked their world. You may think, how much is there to say about Wonka, the most forgettable and most memorable franchise? More than you would ever believe. Join us as we count down to the day of the Wonka Rapture, March 2023. 

Jun 8, 2022

WE DID IT AGAIN HE HE HE HE! Welcome to the second edition of Wonka Watch original fanfiction. We have each brought forth new stories to expand upon the Wonka canon, including continuations from our previous fanfic episode (which is episode 9 found here!). We even have a listener submitted fanfic! lololol GET READY. To keep up-to-date on all things Wonka, be sure to follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter @wonkawatch.

We'd love to hear your concerns (it'd be unhealthy if you didn't have any). Email us at

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Links Referenced (because even Wonka Scholars cite their sources):

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5:00 Wonka Watch: Gordon Ramsey is part of Mr. Beast’s YouTube video where he recreates Willy Wonka’s factory (and yes, unfortunately, we will be doing an episode covering this).

10:20 The Chocolate River inspired by Emily Dickinson, written by Elaine Best. Argonne.

12:45 Wonka Watch inspired by Paul Laurence Dunbar, William Cullen Bryant, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

14:07 We read listener Kira’s fanfiction, The Multiverse of Wonkas!

18:08 Felicia’s 13-page epic begins. Chapter 1: Wonka’s Favorite Day.

22:40 The Factory Four: Sweet, Sweet Revenge - Chapter 2

33:45 Chapter 2: A Surprise Adventure

35:51 Chapter 3: Wonka Does Some Self-Reflection

39:06 The Chocolate Spies Series

49:45 The final part of Felicia’s epic.

1:02:30 Prequel Predictions. Elaine: Target will release a clothing line themed after Wonka. Felicia: Easter egg- one of the factory kids’ parents will be in Wonka.




Der Kleber Sting by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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