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An unofficial podcast about the Wonka-verse from two people who didn't think they cared about Willy Wonka until they learned a prequel was being made and it rocked their world. You may think, how much is there to say about Wonka, the most forgettable and most memorable franchise? More than you would ever believe. Join us as we count down to the day of the Wonka Rapture, March 2023. 

Jun 1, 2022

First, there was the 1971 movie soundtrack. Then, there was the Broadway Wonka musical. But neither was perfect because WE had NOTHING to do with it. To amend this, Felicia created a Jukebox musical to be the third and final (un)official Wonka musical. Will tears be shed? Will Elaine recognize any of Felcia’s picks? Will you?

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